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Halloween 2017 Aluminium Set

Halloween 2017 Aluminium Set

$250.00 USD

We are proud to present a special collaboration project with our good friends Wyrmwood.

Introducing the Halloween 2017 limited run set!

This set includes a special spooky set of seven polyhedral dice in a unique Orange and Black colour combination on our precision anodized aluminium. One step further we have also included a limited run font to make these dice truly special.

To match this set of dice, Wyrmwood have crafted a beautiful dice vault made of Chakte Viga wood, its stunning bright oranges and dark elements perfectly match the dice, and in maintaining the limited nature of this set, the vault not only includes a limited Wymwood logo but also each vault is individually numbered.

With only 13 in existence we wouldn’t want you to miss out, for the curse of the 13th is strong, and dice made to combat this curse are ever so rare.

Shipping – These sets will be shipped by October the 31st. –

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