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Dice Rolling Tray

Dice Rolling Tray

$12.00 USD$48.00 USD

Semi-Precious and Metal Dice Rolling Tray

Keep your luxury dice safe with a padded Dice Tray

A padded Dice Tray designed to keep your Semi-Precious dice safe when rolled or your table safe when rolling our heavy metal dice.

The small tray is the perfect size for when you need something just for yourself, they are 11cm x 11cm and allow you to roll your dice in safety.
The large tray is perfect when you want to really roll your dice, with walls that are high enough to bounce your dice off, you’ll get a truly random roll every time. It’s size is an exact A4, so if a book fits, so will the tray.

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1 review for Dice Rolling Tray

  1. Ben

    I bought a small tray for my amethyst dice, its durable and well finished inside and out so table, dice, and box are well protected.
    Sure, its just a box, but its a box that compliments the dice beautifully and I thinks it’s well priced for a little bit of luxury.

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