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* Caged Aluminium & Heavy Metal Dice Range


* Caged Aluminium & Heavy Metal Dice Range

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Cage Aluminium Metal Dice


All our Aluminium Metal Dice are CNC machined, with each of the dice perfectly weighted at 99.5%, then engraved to maintain their perfect balance. Our Aluminium is Anodized, which is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Our Caged Aluminium Dice are cut from a single piece of metal, with the first steps following along the other aluminium dice of CNC machined and Anodized, but they then go through an extra step. Small slivers of the dice are cut away until the dice appear to be “caged.” This process alone can take several days per dice! We are the first company in the world to offer dual anodization, as well as a complete polyhedral set of caged dice, so make sure to check out our other colours!

With our entire metal range we do short run engraving with special fonts to keep the dice limited run. You can find more information on our fonts here.

Please check each individual description for details on which font is currently in use.

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1 review for * Caged Aluminium & Heavy Metal Dice Range

  1. 4 out of 5


    Just got a set as a generous gift. Wow are they cool! Feel great in hand and roll in wonderfully unpredictable ways. They do have a chance of standing on end instead of a face with the d20 and d12 (about 25% of the time it seems). I sense a house rule coming up 🙂 Great work though, the most unique dice I own by a long shot.

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