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Amethyst Semi-Precious Stone Dice

The gemstone of royalty!

Amethyst has long been prized by royalty and soldiers alike. In antiquity, the Greeks believed an amethyst could ward off drunkenness, while Medieval soldiers carried it into battle, believing the gem possessed a healing ability and would keep them cool-headed. While used for everything from amulets and rings, to regalia and prayer beads, the light to dark purple hues absolutely mesmerize as dice!

Amethyst makes an excellent gift choice, especially for someone born in February, and is sure to be the awe of the gaming table!

All of our semi-precious stones are hand crafted from the actual gemstone, so each dice will be as nature created the stone and be truly unique. We suggest, if possible, to see our dice in person at one of your local conferences prior to ordering online to get a full appreciation for our dice. Check here to inspect our dice in person!

We recommend you do not roll your semi-precious stone dice on a surface harder than they (i.e. glass table) and suggest you roll them on a dice tray to prevent chipping your dice.

Our current font for our Amethyst Dice Set is: Round Intro
You can find more information on our fonts here.

Ordering: To help us create your personalized Amethyst Dice set, please select one choice from each of the options below, then copy into “Order Notes”. If we do not see a note we will do “Surprise me!” for you!



  • Light transparent colour, Darker colour, an even mix, surprise me!
  • More clarity, more internal fissures/cracks, surprise me!
  • Inclusions – Yes, no, surprise me.


Natural Stone Disclaimer: Please note when ordering a set of our Semi-Precious Gemstone Dice, they are cut from natural stone and there will be variations on colours and no two will be the same. As such, each dice is very unique and may not be perfectly symmetrical, though their roll is as balanced as one would expect from acrylic dice. Our Semi-Precious Dice are hand-carved and there may be imperfections such as a slight size difference between the dice, asymmetrical faces of the dice, or the numbers may be off-centre.

If the unique style of our Semi-Precious Gemstone Dice is not what you’re after, we do offer our range of machine cut precision metal dice as an alternative.

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3 reviews for Amethyst

  1. Kit

    I got a set of these as an early Valentine’s gift from my husband while we were at PAX South. They are absolutely stunning. The service we received from Jen was superb and being able to choose the dice made the gift even more special.

  2. Ben

    Bought a set of these at this years Sydney Supanova, absolutely thrilled with them and the service I received as, once I’d decided on amethyst, I was given multiple sets to hand pick my set of seven from. Being given the choice of whether I wanted darker or lighter, clear or cloudy gemstone was a brilliant touch that made these premium dice feel more personal, now I don’t DM with anything else. Seriously awesome.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Daniel Isidro

    Purchased a complete Gemstone Set of 8 with the Pendant at PAX East this past Saturday and am enjoying the look and feel of them. The demo given by Alex was very informative and only strengthened my resolve to buy. The added touch of letting me choose each exact die I wanted was great. Looking forward to my next purchase from them.

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